Nowadays, shoppers expect to get information instantly. Shoppers who cannot get their questions answered while shopping may leave the store empty-handed which results in lost sales. BENEBOT delivers timely sales assistance and helps capture new sales opportunities using centrally located trained experts. Ideal for manufacturers looking for a cost-effective in-store marketing solution. BENEBOT can be customized to your needs.

BENEBOT Features

LCD Screen can display videos
1. Laser Pointer
2. Microphone
3. Top Camera
Remote Operator Call Button
1.Ultrasonic Ranging
2.Cliff Sensor

Side Lights

Bottom Camera

High Quality Speaker

RAYBOT Technology

BENEBOT offers a video shopping collaboration experience between shoppers and remote experts via the internet. Trained remote experts located in a central location can interact with multiple shoppers via video conference. The remote experts can also push product information and videos on BENEBOT's LCD screen.

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